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Classic labyrinth game

Cleo is a terribly hungry mouse and always on the search for pieces of cheese that she can eat.
Can you help the cute little mouse to find the right way through the labyrinth, without running into a mouse trap? You must only push the stones into the traps and the mouse can past it. Cleo is full when she has eaten all the cheese from the field and you have won the game. You can choose from three level of difficulty, with many different games that you can step by step play free. There is also the great possibility to generate your own level with the integrated level editor.

The game is really easy:

⭐️Cleo can only move one stone
⭐️Stones cannot be pulled!
⭐️Cleo cannot walk through stones or walls.
⭐️The level is won when the cute mouse has collected all the cheese

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